While ‘Mehdi’ Masroor Biswas, the 24-year-old Bangalore resident who confessed to managing the now defunct @ShamiWitness Twitter account -- the most popular pro-Islamic State group handle allegedly followed by a number of foreign ISIS fighters -- was arrested by Indian police early on Saturday, a similar account, @ShamiWitness_3 is still active online.

The owner of the account, whose first post dates back to Nov. 27, has continued to tweet even after Biswas’ arrest. With over 2,200 followers, the account also has a link to a blog allegedly created and managed by Biswas.

Meanwhile, another Twitter account named @ShamiWitness_2 also became active after a report by Channel 4 on Thursday led to the closure of the original @ShamiWitness account. The new account has already garnered over 1,200 followers.