• Always watch TV at the beginning of each day
  • Look for lootable points of interest around the general area of the first spawn point
  • Stay quiet to avoid attracting hordes of zombies 

Like in many hardcore survival games, the first day in “Project Zomboid” is usually the most difficult. With a distinct lack of meaningful resources, players will almost always find themselves in a bind for the first 24 hours.

Project Zomboid” is a difficult game that refuses to hold anyone’s hand. New players will find their first few days to be very confusing, often resulting in them simply wandering around while attracting a large horde of zombies along the way.

For those who are having trouble surviving their first day, here’s a short guide on what players should and should not do right after starting the game.

1. Watch TV

Upon starting a game, the first thing players should do is find a working TV and tune in to the Life and Living channel for some free skill points. This TV channel will always have an educational show at 6 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., but for the first day, there will always be an ongoing show right as the players spawn.

2. Secure the area

Oftentimes, the first house is completely viable as an initial safehouse. If this is the case, try to close all the curtains on the first floor or place sheets on them if they have no curtains. Then, rip up some clothes and craft some Sheet Ropes. Place these ropes on the windows in the upper floors (if any) to secure an escape route should the house get overwhelmed.

Combat in Project Zomboid should be avoided unless absolutely necessary
Combat in Project Zomboid should be avoided unless absolutely necessary Project Zomboid

The house should also have some food and a working water source. Scavenge as much food as possible and fill up any mugs, pots, bowls and bottles with water and store them all somewhere safe.

3. Investigate the surrounding area

Take a step outside and look for any interesting locations that might have useful items. Tools are very important and finding them should be a priority. Try to search for the following as soon as possible:

  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Ax

These tools are required for basic Carpentry activities like dismantling objects or building barricades. Look for hardware stores, tool sheds, garages and any other locations that might logically have tools in them. Don’t forget to be stealthy while exploring to prevent zombies from grouping up.

How to escape from zombies

The default Shamblers can be easily evaded simply by walking, but things get a little complicated when dozens of them are chasing players. To escape big hordes, try to break the line of sight and weave in and around nearby houses.

Zombies are easily distracted by doors and windows. Enter an empty house and exit through the other side to escape zombie hordes. Going through trees can also achieve the same result, but passing through branches can potentially hurt players.