• Stockpile food, weapons and fuel early in the game
  • Gas station pumps need electricity to work
  • Water from natural sources must be purified before consumption

Even after getting familiar with the basics of not starving to death and not getting eaten alive, players in “Project Zomboid” still need to surpass one big hurdle when it comes to prolonging their lives in the game: the inevitable shutdown of essential services.

Electricity and running water will eventually become unavailable, assuming that players are not on a customized playthrough. When this happens, most urban households and establishments will become unsustainable for long-term survival.

This doesn’t mean that players will have to live on a farm or a cabin in the woods for the rest of their characters’ lives. With some foresight and a bit of luck, players can live anywhere in the world of “Project Zomboid,” even if everything else is already dead.

How To Survive In The Late Game

Players will need a few things to comfortably survive when the lights go out: food, water and a few generators.

Food is easy enough. Find any patch of land and start planting vegetables. Cabbages and potatoes are more than enough for daily sustenance, but players are free to plant whatever they want. Trapping critters, like birds and rabbits, is also a decent source of food.

[Project Zomboid] Containers like saucepans can be filled with water for future use
Containers like saucepans can be filled with water for future use Project Zomboid

As for water, there are two ways to approach this: either live near a water source like the river or a lake or set up several containers like buckets or saucepans outside to act as rain catchers. Players will need to boil any water obtained from these methods to avoid sickness.

Generators And Gasoline

This is where things get a little difficult. Generators can be obtained from storage containers, garages or warehouses, and they are not as rare as some might think. Fuel can be siphoned off cars or pumped from gas stations.

When the power goes out, gas stations won’t be able to pump gas anymore unless a nearby generator is available. That said, it’s best to place a generator in a nearby gas station to prepare for this inevitability.

Players will need a vehicle to transport generators since they are so heavy, but it will only make fuel management worse.

All of these can be prepped for at the very beginning of the game. Players who want to survive for as long as possible should keep all of these in mind, and don’t forget to read as many relevant skill books early on to make long-term survival easier.