• "Project Zomboid" mods can be found in the Steam Workshop
  • Many mods add or improve basic gameplay features
  • Other mods add completely new content to the game

There are plenty of small details fitted into “Project Zomboid’s” gameplay that make the game incredibly immersive. However, there are also a lot of things that players agree should have long been added to the game.

Small quality-of-life features often go overlooked in most cases, but in a hardcore survival game like “Project Zomboid,” such small details can mean the difference between life and death or simply make the game much more enjoyable.

Here are four QoL mods from the Steam Workshop that players should definitely take a look at the next time they play “Project Zomboid.”

Combat in Project Zomboid should be avoided unless absolutely necessary
Combat in Project Zomboid should be avoided unless absolutely necessary Project Zomboid


Changing clothes can be confusing and downright frustrating at times because of how the default inventory screen works, but this is where the PZ-ClothingUI mod by users Ramp and pagep comes in. This handy mod provides a separate window dedicated to equipping clothes, similar to an armor equip screen in other RPGs.

With this mod installed, players won’t have to fumble with the clothes in their inventory, which could be useful in emergency situations where some extra bandages are required.

Manage Containers

As the name implies, this mod lets players sort items inside their containers to help maintain some sort of order in their storage units. Made by user Jeff, Manage Containers removes a lot of the headache that item sorting in “Project Zomboid” comes with, and it could completely change how players organize their hard-earned loot.

Wring Out Clothing

Players who are tired of having to use Dryers can use this mod to manually wring liquids off the clothes on their backs. This mod by Kelbs may not seem like much, especially in singleplayer, but having the ability to reduce the Wetness level of clothes can save players from avoidable sickness. Plus, this will incentivize exploration while raining, giving players less downtime during bad weather.

Jump Through Windows

Players will find themselves cornered inside a building one way or another, and running to the nearest open door isn’t always possible. With this mod by AbraxasDusk, players will be able to throw themselves to safety by smashing through a window. This might not be the safest way to exit and might leave players bleeding with pieces of glass lodged in their bodies, but it can definitely save their lives.