If you’ve always been a first-person shooter fan, but also love gaming on your Sony PlayStation 4, gaming accessories company Hori have some good news with the announcement of their Tactical Assault Commander 4 keyboard and mouse for PS4.

The keyboard mimics a PC system with the WASD configuration of the keys; it also has a “Snipe” key that changes mouse sensitivity, “Quick” key, “Walk” key, PlayStation button and a Dpad. It will also be compatible with the PS3.

Hori PS4 Keyboard The Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4 keyboard has a WASD configuration of the keys as well as a PlayStation button and Dpad. Photo: Hori

The set will be released in Japan on November 30 according to My Game News Flash; with Amazon UK saying it will be released on October 9. It is currently priced at £ 86, which is around $130, which means it will likely be within that price range when released in the US.

Hori released the Tactical Assault Commander 3 keyboard and mouse for PS3 in 2011 to mixed reviews.

Hori PS4 Mouse The Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4 mouse has a number of programmable buttons for FPS-style on the PS3/PS4. Photo: Hori