'House Of Cards' Season 3
'House Of Cards' season three debuted early Friday morning. Netflix

Settle down everyone, "House of Cards" Season 3 arrives on Netflix at 3 a.m. EST on Friday. There was a brief tease of an early release when a bug caused "House of Cards" to appear two weeks before the scheduled date. Luckily, fans of the Underwoods do not have to wait any longer and the show's 13 episodes will be available to stream early Friday. To celebrate the rise of Frank Underwood and another season of political drama, scandal and, perhaps, murder, here's our "House of Cards" Season 3 drinking game and Bingo that can be played during your marathon.

Warning: "House of Cards" spoilers ahead. If you have yet to finish Season 2, skip ahead to the drinking game.

When we last left the Underwoods, Frank avoided another scandal and hustled his way to the Oval Office. That's right, it's President Underwood now, but it's unlikely that he and Claire will be able to enjoy their victory. The "House of Cards" Season 3 promos hint at plenty of drama and Frank has a closet full of skeletons. Series creator Beau Willimon also hinted at some drama between Frank and Claire in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

To toast President Underwood, check out our "House of Cards" Season 3 drinking game and Bingo below. You can also download a full set of bingo cards here.

HOC_season3_bingo card drinking game
To turn this House of Cards bingo into a drinking game, drink every time something on your card is mentioned. Finish your drink for the bolded items. International Business Times/Hanna Sender

Download the rest of the bingo cards here here. A hat tip goes to PorchDrinking.com and the Odyssey.