iPhone 6 Illumanti mockup
Is there an iPhone 6 Illuminati conspiracy? Mock Up via ValueWalk (Triangle courtesy of Hanna Sender)

The Apple iPhone 6 announcement Tuesday is big, really big -- even big enough to make us forget about royal babies for a few days. Just look at the Google search results: Typing in the term “iPhone 6” delivers 16.3 million results across the Web and 12.4 million results in "news" alone, meaning tech journalists have been very, very busy. This week, tweets mentioning the iPhone 6 have climbed to over 125,000 a day.

With all the speculation and anticipation they generate, it's not an overstatement to say Apple announcements rate as major cultural events -- but what if there's something sinister to this one?

What if there's an iPhone 6 Illuminati conspiracy?

Apple Illuminati
More proof of an Apple Illuminati link? IBTimes/Hanna Sender

Even an announcement about an upcoming Apple announcement leads to a dip in productivity, as everyone's attention and energy turns toward speculation about the look, design and fetures of the latest iSomething. The last new iPhone was announced in 2012 and the news of the iPhone 6 has led to much rejoicing and plenty of articles. The Apple invites were worthy of a separate news piece (CNET had some fun with all the attention the invite received). Even lining up in anticipation of a new, highly anticipated tech gadget has been turned into a marketing ploy.

Finding meaning in any update or bit of news is a favorite Internet pastime, which is why the Illuminati have seen a dramatic bump in popularity. From Beyonce to President Barack Obama, the shadowy secret society bent on a new world order is everywhere so it should not be too surprising to see potential links between Apple, a global corporation that makes gadgets that, in some ways, control your life, and the Illuminati. A quick Google search for Apple Illuminati returns 3.54 million results and who can forget all the conspiracy talk regarding Siri?

Of course, any iPhone 6 Illuminati link is completely incorrect, right? There may be clues, if you dig around long enough, but mostly it’s about the inherent excitement of exploring a passion, whether it’s a tech company or a conspiracy.

Apple iPhone 6 Announcement
As with anything on the Internet, you can find anything; including an iPhone 6 Illuminati connection. IBTimes/Hanna Sender

The Internet is a powerful tool to connect those passions, and the people behind them, which can turn something like the iPhone 6 announcement into the “nerd Super Bowl.” There is also a certain, inherent silliness that there can be millions of articles written about the release of a new phone. Or maybe people like drawing triangles, which could also explain the rise in Illuminati reports. For more proof of an Apple Illuminati conspiracy, here are some convenient triangles.

Apple Store Locations
The Apple stores located in Manhattan conveniently form a triangle. IBTimes/Hanna Sender
Apple App Logo
Even Apple app logos can have "hidden" triangles. IBTimes/Hanna Sender
Iphone Gold
A gold iPhone with yet another example of an Illuminati connection? IBTimes/Hanna Sender
Apple Illuminati Triangles
Further down the rabbit hole, there is more evidence of an Apple conspiracy. IBTimes/Hanna Sender