“Quantum Break” is unfortunately not breaking sales records. If anything, it is struggling to get by on Steam as the number of players accessing the game digitally continues to decrease. This is on top of the disappointing reception its physical version received in the U.S. and in Japan.

GearNuke has learned that Remedy Entertainment’s action-adventure third-person shooter has undeniably failed to increase its sales despite being added on Steam after the lukewarm response to its physical copy.

The gaming, technology and anime news site pointed out that aside from getting little reception from Steam players, less than half of the people who bought the digital copy are actually spending time on the game.

Citing Steam Spy’s report on collected data of “Quantum Break” players, GearNuke revealed that around 24,880 users are spending about four hours and 20 mins in playing the game for the last two weeks. The number is not even half of the 55,017 people who currently own a digital copy of the Shawn Ashmore starrer.

The news about the poor reception of the game on Steam comes months after it was revealed that “Quantum Break” failed to sell 200,000 physical copies in the U.S. Furthermore, the game was not at all received well in Japan.

Since it was released on April 5, the third-person shooter failed to capture the hearts of a wide audience despite being nominated for The Game Award for Most Anticipated Game.

According to Load The Game, Microsoft originally intended “Quantum Break” to be exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10 only. However, its disappointing sales in the said platforms pushed the company to release it on Steam in hopes of generating stronger reception there.

While GearNuke claims the reason for the game’s struggle could be Microsoft’s poor strategy, Load The Game says one of the reasons could be the poor optimization of the game that couldn’t seamlessly hit 60 frames per second. Other reasons that the latter gave were the expensive price tag of the game that’s not even critically acclaimed and the fact that it only has around 10 hours of playthrough.