Ever since releasing its major firmware update for the PlayStation 4 console last month, Sony has been rolling out incremental updates that focus mainly on improving system performance. This Tuesday, Sony once again released a minor firmware update, version 4.05.

According to GameSpot, though Sony is rolling out a new update for the PS4, players shouldn’t get too excited over it because it does not come with new features and changes that would signicantly modify how the system works. Instead, firmware update 4.05 just comes with a one-line patch note that says, “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.”

The new update is the second stability-focused update for the PS4 console that Sony released this month. The first one — version 4.01 — rolled out on Oct. 3 and like this new update, it also promised to improve the quality of system performance.

The new firmware update reportedly clocked in at 312 MB, as per PlayStationLifeStyle.net. Version 4.01 also came with the same file size. The PlayStation-focused news site indicated that gamers should download the new firmware update and try to notice if it does other things aside from improving the stability of the system.

Readers instantly shared their thoughts on the new update. One reader stated in his comment that the firmware update fixes “remote play’s ability to wake up the PS4 from rest mode from another internet connection.”

Others pointed out that they are hoping that system performance is genuinely improved with this new update, since the previous one caused the online UI to slow down on their end.

Meanwhile, GearNuke reports that the firmware update 4.05 should already be available in all regions. The gaming, technology and anime news site added that for those who have yet to bump into the update that should be available to download from the online system, they should manually check its availability by going into the Settings menu. From there, they can download and install the incremental update.