• Enemy visibility will be improved in the "Crystal Guard" update
  • A white light rim will be visible around enemy players to help with visibility
  • "Crystal Guard" will come with plenty of new content and fixes for "Rainbow Six Siege"

Enemy visibility has been an issue in “Rainbow Six Siege” for a while, especially for players who were wearing skins that blended in with their environments. This issue will be resolved in the game’s next seasonal update, “Crystal Guard.”

The “Crystal Guard” update will bring another long list of changes and new content to “Rainbow Six Siege,” including the visibility fix that players have been asking for in the past, PCGamesN reported. Certain skins gave players an unfair advantage over the others as the cosmetics in question helped them blend in with the backdrops of certain maps.

To counter this issue, Ubisoft will be implementing a rim light effect on all players, highlighting their character models with a white light to aid with visibility in cluttered or colorful environments. This should tone down the advantage that cosmetics have been giving other players without drastically affecting actual skin quality or map design.

Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard adds Osa, a new attacker with a deployable bulletproof shield
Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard adds Osa, a new attacker with a deployable bulletproof shield Ubisoft

Ubisoft said in a blog post that it was well aware of the visibility issue and that it believes implementing the rim light solution was the best way forward, as it did not prevent players from using the cosmetics that they want to use.

“Rainbow Six Siege” is officially entering the third season of its sixth year in the “Crystal Guard” update, which is set to introduce plenty of new game-changing content to the game, including a new attacker and three map reworks.

Y6S3 will add the new attacker Osa, a Croatian Nighthaven operator who specializes in area lockdown, which is somewhat ironic considering how area denial is typically the job of a defender. Osa’s Talon-8 Clear Shield works as a standard ballistic shield and a deployable piece of cover that can be placed on floors or doorframes, making her a powerful pick in post-plant situations.

“Crystal Guard” is also going to change three of the game’s oldest maps: Bank, Coastline and Clubhouse. Players can expect these maps to receive the same treatments that other reworked maps got. Certain exits and vantage points will get closed off to prevent unfair engagements, while new opportunities for both attackers and defenders will be made available to keep each match engaging and unpredictable