Gaming accessories maker Razer officially entered the smartphone market last year with the release of the Razer Phone. Now it seems as though the company is already working on the Razer Phone 2 and it may be released later this year alongside Project Linda.

An internal source is claiming that the Razer Phone 2 will be released this coming September, according to the French website FrAndroid. If the source is accurate, the upcoming Android phone will be arriving two months earlier than expected and may indicate the company’s confidence in its new device. For those who may have already forgotten, the original Razer Phone was announced and released last year in the month of November.

So when exactly should fans expect the Razer Phone 2 to be unveiled? It’s currently being speculated that the handset might make its first official public appearance during IFA Berlin 2018 in Germany. The electronics and home appliances consumer trade show is scheduled to kickoff on Friday, Aug. 31 and will end on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

It’s possible that the Razer Phone 2 launch could take place during IFA Berlin 2018 and it will be available to buy sometime later in the month of September. Taking a look at the original Razer Phone’s release timetable, the device was announced on Nov. 1 and was immediately available to pre-order. The Android phone was later released on Nov. 17. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch if the Razer Phone 2 will follow the same type of release schedule.

There’s currently no information on the specs of the Razer Phone 2, but it will likely be a powerful device much like its predecessor, as pointed out by Phone Arena. The original Razer Phone was powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB of RAM. The device was also lauded for having loud dual front-facing speakers and a quad-HD display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Aside from the Razer Phone 2, FrAndroid’s internal source also claims that the upcoming handset might possibly be released alongside Project Linda. For the uninitiated, Project Linda is a laptop dock concept that the company first showed off last week during CES 2018. It features a full-sized keyboard and its own 13.3-inch touchscreen display.

Project Linda allows users to dock the Razer Phone inside its chassis and the phone will power up the device while also acting as the laptop’s touchpad and speakers. It is Razer’s solution in bringing in enhanced productivity and gaming experiences by bridging the gap between smartphones and laptops.

Project Linda is only a concept and a prototype, and Razer didn’t really confirm that it will end up becoming a real product. According to this new report, however, Razer officials will soon decide “in the coming days” whether it will become a real consumer-ready product. If it does end up becoming a real thing, fans should expect it to arrive in September along with the Razer Phone 2.