Articles by Abigail Abrams

Abigail Abrams is a breaking news reporter covering politics. She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and has previously reported for FiveThirtyEight and TIME, among others. 


Sanders Vows To ‘Continue The Fight’

The Vermont senator thanked supporters for being “a part of the revolution,” in a speech in California, shortly after Hillary Clinton celebrated a “milestone” in her campaign.

US Carrier Deploys To Fight ISIS

This deployment represents the Navy’s first under the Optimized Fleet Response Plan, which aims to establish seven-month trips.

Happy Birthday, JFK!

The former president was assassinated in 1963, but his legacy has lived on in the minds of many Americans over the years.

Mars Had An Ice Age, Too

Scientists may be able to use Mars as a parallel to learn more about Earth and the possibility of sending people to the red planet.

Vietnamese Rapper Impresses Obama

Obama used the opportunity to talk about the importance of free speech and using art as self-expression during his trip to the country.