Articles by Eben Blake

Eben Blake is an intern covering general affairs at IBTimes in New York City. He is currently pursuing a degree in English and History at Brown University and previously worked at The Brown Daily Herald as the Arts and Culture Editor. 


'These Are Old Images'

Reports that sonar images of two box-like shapes on the floor of the Indian Ocean were from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were rejected Thursday by Australian authorities.

Seattle Passes 'Gun Violence Tax'

Local gun shop owners suggest the tax on firearms and ammunition sales won't raise revenue but rather push consumers to acquire weapons outside the city.

Is The National Zoo's Panda Pregnant?

While the zoo does not currently know if Mei Xing, the adult female giant panda, is pregnant, a spike in hormones suggested her reproductive cycle will conclude soon.


Stratolaunch Launch Vehicles

Stratolaunch Systems Unveils New Rockets, Flight Plan

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s commercial space venture Stratolaunch Systems announced Monday its launch vehicles — three rockets and the largest airplane ever by wingspan — and proposed first flight for 2020.
loch ness monster

Is Loch Ness Monster Real?

The existence of the Loch Ness monster -- a long-necked dinosaur-like creature surviving from prehistoric times -- has never been proven.