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Italy's Monti Wins Confidence Vote on Austerity Bill

Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti won a confidence vote in the Lower House on Friday to speed the passage of a 30 billion euro ($39 billion) austerity package aimed at speeding up the implementation of urgent measures that would stimulate growth in Italy's economy.

Tainted Bootleg Liquor Kills More Than 100 in India

More than 100 people died and many more hospitalized in eastern India after consuming a batch of home-brewed liquor thought to have been laced with methanol, a highly toxic chemical, officials said Thursday. Police arrested eight suspected bootleggers.

U.S. War in Iraq Formally Declared Finished

After nearly nine years in Iraq, the war has formally drawn to a close as U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared an end to its mission in a ceremony in Baghdad on Thursday.

Chinese Village Locked in Police Stand-Off After Protests

Anger with the selling of their land to real estate developers without their consent, compounded by the death of one of their appointed mediators, thousands of Chinese villagers in the southern China village of Wukan found themselves in a locked stand-off with authorities Wednesday.

15 Chinese Children Killed in School Bus Crash

The latest in a string of deadly crashes involving children, a school bus taking primary students home slipped off a country road into an irrigation ditch in eastern China, killing 15 children and wounding eight others, officials said.

Obama Meets Iraq's Maliki at White House on Monday

As U.S. troops prepare for departure from Iraq, President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki met at the White House Monday for talks focusing on the future relationship between the two countries.

Letter Bomb Sent to Deutsche Bank CEO Ackermann

A letter bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank chief Josef Ackermann contained a fully functional bomb, and capable of exploding had it not been intercepted in the bank's mailroom, was the work of far-left Italian group, German authorities said Thursday; and more explosives may still be in the post.

Twin Blasts in Afghanistan Kill Dozens

Twin blasts in Kabul and the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif aimed at Afghanistan's minority Shiite Muslims killed nearly 60 people on Tuesday as they celebrated Ashura, one of their sect's holiest days, signaling, perhaps, a new sectarian turn in what was one of the war's deadliest attacks.

French Parliament to Debate Outlawing Prostitution

Partly owing to the huge sex scandal commenced by former French presidential candidate Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York earlier this year, French Parliament will debate a bill to ban prostitution in France on Tuesday. If passed, it could become law next year.

Greenpeace Activists Break Into French Nuclear Plant

Breaking into a French nuclear power plant before dawn Monday, Greenpeace activists say they have exposed the vulnerability of the site as they unfurled a banner on one of its domes reading: Safe Nuclear Power Doesn't Exist.

Khmer Rouge Tribunal: We Are Not 'Bad People,' Former No. 2 Says

Pol Pot's right-hand man, Nuon Chea, the No. 2 leader of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, under whom an estimated 1.7 million Cambodians were killed in the 1970s, on Monday told a court his regime were not bad people, denying responsibility for the deaths, instead placing the blame on Vietnam.

Syria Agrees to Arab League Deal, But With Conditions

Syria has responded positively to an Arab League request that it allow observers into the country as part of a peace plan to end an eight-month-long uprising, but on the condition that the League drop sanctions and agree to amendments that league officials have previously rejected, the Foreign Ministry said Monday.

United Nations Chief Urges Syria's Referral to ICC

The United Nations High Commissioner for human rights on Friday urged the UN Security Council to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands following a reveal of evidence by an independent panel that suggests the country's security forces have committed crimes against humanity as it attempts to clamp down on an eight-month-old uprising.

Twelfth Monk Self-Immolates in Eastern Tibet

A Tibetan monk has been hospitalized after he set himself on fire Thursday in the Chinese-ruled Tibetan autonomous region, the 12th self-immolation in an apparent protest against Chinese rule, a human rights group said.

Ethnically Divided Kyrgyzstan Swears in New President

In a rare peaceful transition of presidential power, Kyrgyzstan inaugurated a new president Thursday, marking the first time the former Soviet Central Asian nation chose a successor through votes at the ballot box, not the streets.

Clinton Makes Historic Visit to Myanmar

Arriving in Myanmar on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton became the first United States Secretary of State in more than 50 years to visit the country, also known as Burma.



Japan, Britain And Italy To Build Joint Jet Fighter

Japan, Britain and Italy are merging their next-generation jet fighter projects in a ground-breaking partnership spanning Europe and Asia that is Japan's first major industrial defence collaboration beyond the United States since World War Two.