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Iranian Students Storm British Embassy in Tehran

In a scene of anger that looked like a replay of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, dozens of hard-line Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, tearing down the Union Jack flag and flinging documents out of windows.

United States Urges Citizens to Leave Syria 'Immediately'

In an exercise of caution, the United States Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens to depart Syria immediately, and Turkey's foreign ministry likewise beseeched its citizens to find return flights home through Saudi Arabia in order to avoid the mounting pandemonium going on in Syria.

Freedom Is Not Free

May no soldier go unloved is the slogan used by the non-profit, volunteer-led organization Soldiers Angels that has been assisting families of veterans and veterans deployed, wounded and moving back into society. These volunteers are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of soldiers, as well as regular Americans who know the sacrifices our military makes to keep all of us safe.

Egyptian Cabinet Resigns Amid Burgeoning Protests

With key parliamentary elections only a week away, Egypt has once again spiraled into turmoil as thousands of protestors in Cairo's Tahrir Square called for the ousting of the military-led, interim civilian government, and getting what they chanted for as the country's army-appointed government handed in its resignation Monday.

Larry Munson Death: Georgia Bulldogs 'Hunker Down!' Broadcaster Dies

For more than 43 years, Larry Munson was the definitive voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, drawing in listeners with his euphoniously gravely sound. And for 43 years, Munson, who died Sunday at the age of 89, was unabashed in letting it be known that his cheering predilections would always have him coming out on the side of the Bulldogs.

Radioactive Xenon Detected at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Signs of nuclear fission at the crippled Fukushima atomic power plant have been discovered, raising the risk of increased radiation emissions, officials said Wednesday, suggesting one of its reactors could have a new problem.

U.S. Fears Israeli Strike on Iran

Washington has been applying the pressure on the UN Security Council to level new sanctions on Tehran as fears arise that Israel will conduct a unilateral strike against Iran's suspected nuclear facilities, the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported.

U.S. Cuts UNESCO Funding After Palestinian Vote

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization voted overwhelmingly in favor of granting full membership to the Palestinian Authority, but it will cost the agency the United States' portion of its funding.