Articles by Eric Markowitz

Eric Markowitz is an award-winning journalist and the senior writer at the International Business Times. He covers technology, crime, and police. More information can be found on his website, 


Orlando Massacre: A Big Data Fail?

Despite spending billions on anti-terror databases, the FBI somehow let Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen — previously tracked by the agency — slip through the cracks.

Rio Crime Wave Reaches US Swimmers

Brazil is famous for its many charms, but is also internationally recognized for violence and crime. Swimmer Ryan Lochte and three teammates were robbed in Rio early Sunday.

Driving Into A Dragnet

License plate scanners collect vast amounts of data for police departments. The technology is used to catch criminals, but what about the data collected on everyone else?



How To Watch Hajj 2018

One of the Five Pillars of Islam, the Hajj is a sacred duty that Muslims must undertake at least once in their lifetime.