Articles by J.E. Reich
Flood in Indiana

Major Flooding Continues In Midwest

Flooding that wreaked havoc on Nebraska this weekend continues to swell and flow downstream, putting areas in Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas in harm's way.
Indiana man in boat amid flooding

Midwest Hit By Major Floods

Record-breaking floods have already hit Nebraska and Wisconsin, with Minnesota waiting in anticipation for when the deluge will begin.
Mount Whitney

Multi-Agency Search Underway For Missing Marine

A number of state agencies are participating in the search for Matthew Kraft, a lieutenant Marine based out of Camp Pendleton who went missing after embarking on a solo hike in the Sierra Nevadas.


US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Congress cannot 'dilute, dither or delay' President Joe Biden's massive economic rescue plan

Millions To Get Stimulus Checks

Moderate Democrats have narrowed the eligibility threshold for stimulus checks, clearing the way for COVID-19 relief to go forward.