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Alla Kamenev Killed by Ex-Husband

A deranged 76-year-old man shot and killed his ex-wife on a Brooklyn street, than rode away on an undersized girl's bike. Video surveillance shows the suspect struggling to gain control of the bicycle just before the cold-blooded murder.

ATM ‘Skimmers' Nabbed for $250,000 Heist

Three men accused of stealing more than a quarter of a million dollars from 1,500 people have been arrested. The men had installed card-reading devices and surveillance video cameras on Chase ATMs near Union Square in January.



US Republicans Defend Trump By Attacking Criminal Justice System

Many Republicans in the U.S. Congress have responded to Donald Trump's looming Tuesday arraignment by characterizing the criminal justice system as corrupt, in accusations that parallel their earlier broadsides against the nation's elections after the former president's 2020 defeat.