Bronx Sex Creep Attacks Six Women in Six Hours
A sex-crazed monster attacked six women in six hours around the Bronx. DCPI

A sex-crazed monster groped six women in six hours around the Bronx on Thursday morning. The attacks began at about 6 a.m., when the first victim, a 51-year-old woman in Baychester, was groped over her clothing. The attacker struck again 15-minutes later, when he violently groped a 32-year-old woman. An hour later, the crazed sex-fiend groped a 29-year-old woman. The sexual assault spree continued until just after noon, when he'd attacked his last victim, a 48-year-old woman in Soundview.

The attacks took place in Baychester and Soundview, according to a New York Times report. The suspect was caught on surveillance video camera and can be seen running through the Bronx. Police officials describe the suspect as a black male in his 20s, about 5-foot 10-inches tall, and, at the time of the attacks, had been wearing a dark hoodie and grey sweatpants. No arrests have been made.