Ever wonder what it would be like to interact with a 3D hologram like the ones that appear in Star Wars? A team of researchers at Queen's University in Toronto is working on creating a way to project 3D holograms for video chat using a Micosoft Kinect.

The system that they've built is made up of a 1.8-meter-tall tube with six Microsoft Kinect camras place near the top and a 3D project inside according to a report from The Verge. The telepod is programmed to be used just like a video phone, but with better visual elements.

While using the Telepod, a person stands in front of the tube and speaks directly to it, which is where the image of the person they're talking to appears. The tube creates a 3D image that make it seem as though the person that someone's video chatting with is actually in the room.

The same team has created something called Bodipod, which is a 3D anatomical model browser. Users can peel off layers of a human anatomical model by simply swiping with their hand. Pointing and other simple gestures allow users to control the model.

To see projects from the team working on the team, visit Queen's University's Human Media Lab website or go to the team's YouTube channel.