• The cloud version of "Control" was earlier released on Nintendo Switch
  • Dataminers allegedly uncovered references and links of another game on the streaming service's launcher
  • The discovery hinted on the possibility of the release of "resident Evil 3" cloud version on Nintendo Switch

Earlier, a streaming version of “Control” was rolled out for Nintendo Switch that provided some players with the chance to sniff around the launcher of the streaming service and discover “Resident Evil 3 Remake.”

The new piece of information about the possibility of “Resident Evil 3” making its way to Nintendo Switch through streaming was shared on ResetEra forums and was reported by Gamingbolt. The eagle-eyed dataminers shared an image of the title screen of the game. Apparently, it is hidden in the same website when one launches “Control” on Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, there are several references and links to the cloud version of “Resident Evil 3.” This recent discovery hints that “Control ” and “Hitman 3” are just the start of Nintendo’s vision in terms of cloud streaming third-party titles. However, this is not the first time that the industry heard about “Resident Evil 3” releasing on the hybrid gaming console.

Resident Evil
A new "Resident Evil" title is coming soon. Resident Evil/Facebook

Rumors were claiming the same since early this year. In March, Niko Partners Analyst Daniel Ahmad said that a cloud version was being considered following the discovery of leftover files in the “Resident Evil 3” demo suggesting a Nintendo Switch release. The recently uncovered details about the game hinted that Ubitus, the team responsible in helping the cloud-based version of “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” “Resident Evil 7”, and “Control” could be involved in this project.

While the data mined references and links do not explicitly confirm that “Resident Evil 3” would soon release on the hybrid console, data mine leaks are usually accurate. However, it is worth noting that, since this is unconfirmed and unofficial, it is safer to take this information with caution. “Resident Evil 3” releasing in Nintendo Switch is good news for fans of the Japanese horror media franchise.

It could also mean that other games in the series like “Resident Evil 2” and “Resident Evil 7” could also release in Nintendo’s hybrid console. It could also mean a possible release of the upcoming “Resident Evil: Village” soon on Nintendo Switch.