• A new leak reveals the enemies "Resident Evil Village" players will face
  • The leaks come in the form of photos featuring the so-called "Molded"
  • This comes a month after Capcom was attacked by ransomware

Leaked images may have shown what players will be going up against when they play “Resident Evil VIII,” the latest installment in the long-running survival-horror franchise, a report says.

Capcom became the unsuspecting victim of a ransomware attack last month, but since the game company didn’t give in to the perpetrator’s demands, the attackers have decided to let out a slow but steady leak of information regarding the company’s new games.

One of these games is “Resident Evil Village” or “Resident Evil VIII,” the second title in the franchise to make use of the RE Engine introduced in “Resident Evil VII.” Now, leaked images (via DSOGaming) reveal what players will have to face when they play the game as Ethan, the returning protagonist from the earlier installment.

The enemies in the pictures look hideous and downright terrifying. One photo shows a dragon-like creature as it attempts to reach for the main character with its enormous jaw.

Another photo, as per Gaming Bolt, shows a monster that looks like it was plucked out from an H.P. Lovecraft story. To those who aren’t familiar with these stories, it simply means the monster looks grotesque.

Those who played “Resident Evil VII” will quickly recognize the monsters and enemies in the photos. They are the Molded, the player’s main, if not the only, enemy in the previous installment. It simply makes sense for these creatures to appear in “Resident Evil Village” since Ethan and his wife Mia are the new title’s main protagonists as well.

Resident Evil Village - Announcement Trailer
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Other leaks

The people behind the ransomware attack that hit Capcom also dumped other interesting details regarding the upcoming game – things that spoiler-haters will not like, GamesRadar reported.

Without going into detail, the leaked information includes several cutscenes that players can expect to see in the game. It also includes unannounced enemies (which means the Molded aren’t the only things players will have to fight or run from), boss fights and more.

The leaked information also included what appears to be the game’s full ending. Those who don’t want to see any of these details should be careful to avoid forums where they will likely be discussed. Otherwise, those who want to see the leaks about the horror game can go to Reddit, Imgur or Resetera to find them.