The resource boom is causing demand for executives to reach record levels, and could trigger an executive skills shortage and higher executive wages, new research shows.

Using data collected from both newspaper and internet job advertisements, a report released by human resources company E.L Consult found a six per cent rise in demand for executives in the month of September - the fourth consecutive monthly increase.

E.L Consult managing director Grant Montgomery said despite years of economic prosperity, a resource-led Australian business sector retained a dynamic outlook that would see jobs growth continue.

The general belief among business circles is, that China resource boom is going to be around for some time yet, he said.

Higher international competition for resources may see some reduction in prices, but demand from China will continue to stimulate the Australian economy well into the future.

And if economic growth continued, Mr Montgomery said, shortages of certain executive skills were bound to occur, putting pressure on wages.

Unfortunately, labour international sources are unlikely to be able to fully fill this gap and there is sure to be some pressure on salaries. Australia still has cheap middle-management despite recent rises.

According to the report, the engineering, marketing and management sectors were responsible for the growth in executive demand, up 18 per cent, eight per cent and 10 per cent respectively on last month's figures.

On the other hand, the finance sector witnessed a small one per cent decline in demand, while in IT there was a significant drop of 21 per cent.

Growth in executive demand was most notable in the major economies of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

The E.L Consult report also recorded a continued rise in internet-based job advertising, while newspaper advertising remained flat.