• Kayle is a late-game powerhouse who can hard carry games to victory
  • She is extremely weak in the early game compared to other champs
  • Kayle requires item and XP advantages before she can steamroll enemies

Kayle is one of the scariest late-game champions in “League Of Legends.” Her nature as a hypercarry lets her outscale enemies in the later stages of the game in exchange for an abysmal early laning phase. She’s best described as a ticking time bomb that can guarantee a victory for her team should she get all of her items and level-related bonuses.

Here’s a brief overview of how to play Kayle as well as some recommended items for beginners in “Wild Rift.”

How To Play Kayle

When playing as Kayle, surviving the early-mid game stages should be the top priority. Forget about getting early kills as Kayle is pathetically weak at the start of every match.

As she gains levels, Kayle’s auto attacks develop additional benefits such as increased attack speed, range and a wide area of effect. The rest of her skills are only meant to support her ability to hit enemies with basic attack since it’s her best damage tool.

Kayle and Morgana officially join the Wild Rift roster in Patch 2.6 Kayle and Morgana officially join the Wild Rift roster in Patch 2.6 Photo: Riot Games

Focus on killing minions and getting assists until Kayle reaches her first evolution. After getting her first full item, players can then try to get kills or join team fights as an effective fighter.

With 3-4 completed items at Level 15, Kayle becomes an absolute monster. She’ll be able to outduel almost everyone (including tanks and assassins) and she can single-handedly end a game provided she survives every encounter. Work with the team and pick good engagements until the enemy Nexus falls.

Recommended Items For Kayle

Kayle’s loadout will be rather expensive and will feature attack speed, AD and AP due to her design as a hybrid damage dealer. Try out the following build and make adjustments based on preference:

  • Core Items
    • Hextech Gunblade
    • Nashor’s Tooth
    • Runaan’s Hurricane
    • Gluttunous Greaves with Stasis
  • Optional items
    • Blade of the Ruined King
    • Infinity Edge
    • Lich Bane
    • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Runes
    • Conqueror or Fleet Footwork
    • Gathering Storm
    • Conditioning
    • Manaflow Band
  • Spells
    • Flash
    • Heal or Barrier

Focus on building AP and attack speed first before transitioning into crit or lifesteal items by the mid-game. Then, focus either on more crit items or AP depending on the enemy team composition.

Max Starfire Spellblade first followed by Radiant Blast and Celestial Blessing. Starfire Spellblade can execute low health enemies, so try to use it for last-hitting minions or enemy champions for maximum effect.