A new cartoon will focus on C.J and T’yanna Wallace, the children of Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, as they try to preserve their father’s Bedford-Stuyvestant studio in Brooklyn. Wikipedia

March 9th marks the 15th anniversary of rapper Biggie Smalls death. Also known as the Notorious B.I.G. and Christopher Wallace, the Brooklyn born rapper was gunned down in Los Angeles in 1997. Even fifteen years later, police have still not discovered who the gunman was that took Biggie's life.

Christopher Wallace was born on May 21, 1972 into a hard life. According to IMDB, before Wallace began rapping he was a drug dealer, but a stint in jail turned him around. After laying down some tracks, Wallace caught the attention of Sean Combs, better known as P. Diddy. From that point Biggie was born and the rapper was soon signed to the Bad Boy Record label.

After meeting success in the music world, Biggie also met some competition. During the mid 90's Tupac Shakur was also a rising artist in the hip hop world. Their success birthed an East Coast-West Coast war which many believe lead to both rappers deaths.

After Shakur was fatally gunned down in 1996 at the age of 25. Biggie tried to end the East Coast-West Coast war. Attending events on the West Coast, Biggie was shot a year later in 1997, while in an SUV outside of a Soul Train Music Awards party, according to AllHipHip.

Biggie was just 24-years-old when his life was taken from him, but his music and life still inspire many. Rob Stone, a friend of Biggie's, who used to work under Clive Davis, wrote for CNN that we should celebrate his life -- and spread love the Brooklyn way. Many fans, media outlets and celebrities did just that today on Twitter.

@AARP - We miss you, Biggie.

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