• Players need to collect four Lunar Items to play the Heretic
  • The Command Artifact makes this task easier
  • The Heretic boasts high base stats at the cost of a constant HP drain

There are a few secret character classes that players can unlock throughout their runs in “Risk Of Rain 2,” but there is one particular class that’s well-hidden.

Unbeknownst to many players, there’s one class that isn’t part of the main roster on the character select screen: the Heretic. Unlike other classes that require the completion of certain challenges, the Heretic needs a very specific set of items that some players may never even encounter in their runs.

Here’s how to unlock this secret character in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

How To Unlock The Heretic

There are no challenges to complete or hidden levels to find for the Heretic. Instead, players need to collect four items to transform their current character into a Heretic. These items are:

  • Visions of Heresy
  • Essence of Heresy
  • Strides of Heresy
  • Hooks of Heresy

All of them are Lunar Items, which can only be obtained from Lunar Pods or the Newt merchant in the Bazaar Between Time. Getting even one Heresy item from Lunar Pods is extremely rare since the pods can roll all of the existing Lunar Items. The merchant also has a random chance to offer one, several, or all of the Heresy items at his store.

Lunar items can be bought from the Bazaar Between Time
Lunar items can be bought from the Bazaar Between Time Risk of Rain 2

The most convenient way to play as the Heretic is by activating the Command artifact, which will let players pick all of the Heresy items for every pod and merchant item they purchase so long as they don’t get an Equipment drop.

Keep in mind that picking up a Heresy item will gradually transform the current character into the Heretic. That means their abilities will transform into those of the Heretic’s, which may be jarring for some players. Obtaining all Heresy items will completely transform the player into the Heretic, complete with a new player model.

Compared to normal survivors, the Heretic has higher stats in every category except health regeneration. The Heretic has negative HP regen, which means they will lose health for every second that passes.