City officials and police took control of the Russian high school building in Warsaw


  • Alice Femina was detained at the Tverskoy District Police Department
  • A female officer forced Femina to undress at the station's common room
  • The officer also threatened to send her to the FSB's office in Lubyanka

Russian police officers forced a transwoman to undress in the common room of a detention facility so they could "see" whether she was a "man or woman," according to a report.

Alice Femina, a Kazakhstan citizen, was out with her friends in Moscow in May when she and a guard at a club got into a heated argument.

"I saw off one girlfriend - put me in a taxi, then the second. And at some point the guard wouldn't let me back in. I ask: 'On what grounds?'. And he: 'None.' He began to speak rudely to me, pushing me away: 'Get out of here at all,' 'Yes, this is a man in a skirt,'' she recalled in an interview with independent news website Mediazona, as translated via Google Translate.

At one point during the argument, Femina said she shouted "Glory to Ukraine," which led to her being arrested by local police officers and detained at the Tverskoy District Police Department where she became the subject of transphobic ridicule.

The next day, Femina said she was brought by a female police officer to the common room where she was asked to undress for an examination while male officers were watching. The identity of the police officers was not revealed.

"Let's undress, we'll see who you are - a man or a woman," the female police officer said. "Let everyone watch."

The female police officer later threatened to send her to the FSB's office in Lubyanka to get enlisted and deployed to the war in Ukraine where she will "serve our men."

In recent months, Russia has been cracking down on the rights of transgender people. For instance, Russian lawmakers in June gave initial approval to a bill that outlawed gender transitioning procedures for non-medical reasons in an attempt to "protect Russia with its cultural and family values and traditions and to stop the infiltration of the Western anti-family ideology."

In addition, the bill would allow Russia to operate on intersex children even without their consent to help "normalize" their bodies.

Apart from that, the bill would also ban transgender people from changing or correcting their names and gender marker on official documents.

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People sing the Russian national anthem and raise the rainbow Russian flags in solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Russia, as part of a film project called "Live and Let Love", at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, Oct. 6, 2013. Reuters