• There are times when some websites won't load even when the internet connection is stable
  • This happens to the Safari browser too
  • There's a way to fix the problem in Safari

Mac users browsing the internet using the Safari browser will have encountered at least one instance when certain websites won't load.

These websites include popular ones like Twitter, which has been plagued with loading issues in recent months, Cult of Mac noted. It also includes other websites as well.

While some might think that jumping ship to another browser could be the solution to this mess, it's a fact that migrating to another browser, like Google's Chrome or Microsoft's increasingly popular Edge, could be a bit too much just to let one website load. Thankfully, there's a way to fix the loading issues in Safari. Best of all, it's easy – here's how.

First things first

Users should make sure to check for the following before proceeding:

  • First, users must make sure that the Mac is connected to the internet. If it isn't connected, then that could be the very reason why the website won't load.
  • Second, if the Mac is connected, users should try checking the problematic website's status on using their iPhone, iPad or another capable device aside from the Mac.

If the website isn't down according to Downdetector, here's what users should do:

  • First, Mac users should open the Safari browser.
  • Second, once it's up and running, users should click on Safari in the menu bar, then click on Preferences.
  • Third, once there, users should click on Privacy.
  • Fourth, under Privacy, users should look for Cookies and website data, then select “Manage website data...
  • Fifth, after that, users should use the search bar in the top-right corner to look for saved data for the website that won't load in Safari. For example, if Twitter is the website that won't load, users can simple search for “Twitter.”
  • Sixth, saved data will be shown on the box beneath the search bar. Users should select the saved data, then click on Remove at the bottom. After that, users should click on Done.

This process should fix the problem and let the website load. Users should try to open Safari again, then try to go to the website that didn't load earlier. It's worth noting that the problem could reoccur sometime later (Cult of Mac said “every few weeks with certain sites”). That said, users should just repeat the process as needed.

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