Tech Site Alleges Samsung Confirmed to Make Nexus Prime Google Phone
New reports have emerged suggesting Samsung accidentally confirmed the existence of its fabled Nexus Prime Google phone. REUTERS

Samsung Electronics Co. will introduce a new Galaxy smartphone at an industry exhibition in Germany this week and will showcase 4G version of Galaxy S II at IFA electronics beginning this Thursday in Berlin.

This is a milestone in our commitment to lead the charge in 4G mobile telephony around the world, both in terms of back-end network solutions for service providers and the development of powerful consumer handsets, said J.K. Shin, chief of Samsung's handset division, in a statement.

Samsung will begin selling an LTE-version of its tablet computer, later this year, the company said in a statement.

Samsung has been banned from selling its Galaxy Tab tablet computers in Germany after an injunction claim by Apple, that Galaxy Tab has lifted design from Apple’s iPad.

The German Court would deliver its verdict after hearing Samsung’s argument regarding the case, two days after the end of IFA. When Samsung had asked for the a decision before the IFA, the judge said, there were overarching similarities between Samsung's Galaxy Tabs, which run Google's Android operating system, and Apple's iPad.

However, it was not very clear if Samsung was prohibited from displaying Galaxy Tab at IFA.