Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung is rolling out an update for the unreturned Galaxy Note 7 handsets in Canada. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

When Samsung decided to discontinue its Galaxy Note 7 in October, the only reason behind the disappointing move was the production error in the battery cells of the flagship phablet. The South Korean giant initially provided replacements, but the effort was deemed futile after more incidents of exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets surfaced. Since the device was quickly pulled out from the market, it wasn’t really known what was causing the explosions.

On Tuesday, The Investor broke the news that Samsung Electronics is going to officially reveal the result of its probe into its controversial Android smartphone. Though no official date has been given as of late, sources with knowledge of the matter are already claiming that Samsung is likely to spill the beans before 2016 ends.

As of late, the new round of investigation that was launched on Nov. 11 is still ongoing. The probe is said to involve product safety authorities and experts both in South Korea and the United States.

Samsung sold 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7 units since its August launch. After learning the incidents of units catching fire, the company launched a program to recall the problematic handsets. Alongside this, the company carried out its own investigation because even though it was already pinpointed that faulty batteries were responsible for the explosions, there are still other factors that could be involved and are yet to be disclosed.

Divulging the real reasons behind the discontinuation of its flagship will actually benefit Samsung. As per PhoneArena, the sooner that the tech giant finds out what was exactly causing the combustion and the sooner it releases the results of its investigation to the public, the faster it would be for everyone to move on from the drama that the fiasco caused.

“We are considering all possibilities to find out the exact cause of the accidents,” a Samsung official was quoted as saying. Experts are reportedly suggesting that Apple’s biggest rival takes its time in investigating the issue, so that it could expose the exact cause of the disturbing explosions. This will not only benefit Samsung as it focuses on the launch of the Galaxy S8 early next year, it would also help the industry prevent the same thing to happen in the future.