• Samsung working on SoC for mid-range phones
  • Exynos 880 fairly similar to Exynos 980 chip
  • Exynos 880 still up for possible tweaking

The type of system on a chip (SoC) has become a crucial part of most phones though most base it on numbers. The Exynos 980 is one of the popular ones out in the market right now but Samsung is developing another in the Exynos 880. If the model or numbers alone are to be compared, most would expect the Exynos 880 to be a bit lower. In a way that could be true.

The Exynos 880 chips did end up a tad short in performance when details of a Geekbench test were spilled to be a leaker in Digital Chat Station. For those who may not know, these are the same chips used on the Vivo Y70s 5G. But the intent of Samsung here is to offer an alternative to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G and 768 for mid-range devices. As of this writing, there was no mention of which among Samsung's mobile phone offerings it will be used.

Regardless, a comparison between the Exynos 880, Exynos 980 and the Snapdragon 765 chips was done recently. From the details revealed, it certainly appears that the Exynos 880 is fairly similar to the Exynos 980. The only glaring difference is the GPU aside from the not-so-surprising performance, GSM Arena reported. The Exynos 880 had a Mali-G76 MP5 GPU while the 980 had a Mali-G76. It remains to be seen if this will be up for changes like possibly scaling down due to power needs.

The Exynos 880 will have two big Cortex-A77 cores and six smaller A55 cores. The details show the Exynos 880 coming fairly close to the Snapdragon 765G as well although the Qualcomm chips use Kryo 745 cores. These are based on the A76 core (Prime and Gold) and A55 (Silver). What was not indicated is that these may have been overclocked. The Exynos chips, based on the Geekbench scores, performed better although the chips used may not necessarily be the new ones from Qualcomm. The company has plans to release a 768G chip soon, something expected to be more powerful than the current one available.

For Samsung, there is no telling which among its mid-range phones could use the Exynos 880 chipset. The Samsung Galaxy A21s recently came out with an Exynos 850 chipset although a variant with an 880 SoC could come out as well, Sam Mobile reported.

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