• Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G looms as cheapest foldable from Samsung
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G likely to be lacking key features
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 46 forecasted to cost about $1,099

Most probably know by now that getting a Samsung Galaxy Fold will not come cheap. However, this has not stopped the company from coming up with cheaper alternatives. As far as foldable devices, there is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a phone priced roughly around the $1,380 mark.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, that is already a big slash off the suggested retail price. The SRP for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is at $2,000. But as mentioned in a previous post, Samsung plans to lower the price of the successor, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The price is rumored to be roughly $1,899, a $101 off that some may not get excited about. Also worth noting is that there will be some downgrades. This includes getting a phone with only three cameras instead of the normal four that most phones are coming out with right now.

Aware that only a select few would likely consider buying their expensive Samsung Galaxy foldable, it appears that the South Korean company is trying to take it a notch lower. There are now rumors (via Sam Mobile) flying about a Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G coming out and that it may be priced at $1,099. That is practically 50 percent savings from the Samsung Galaxy Fold in circulation right now.

But again, there will be features missing. The first is obvious, a phone that would run on 4G and not the 5G feature other phones are now toting. Aside from that, other changes likely to happen include the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) and possibly a device running on a less-powerful processor. As of this writing, the potential specs of the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G remain scarce although most are already advised to taper their expectations.

It would be a curious variant to check out, assuming that these rumors are true. Focus remains on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 which will reportedly be available in black and brown color themes. With regard to demand, it remains to be seen if sales will pick up. Most are expected to hold off on getting new phones, not to mention expensive ones, prioritizing other needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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