• Samsung developing 250 MP sensor
  • Samsung may reveal phone with 150 MP camera later this year
  • Concerns on the price of Samsung handsets remain in the air

Samsung has been known to defy the impossible and it appears that is the case as far as their phone's built-in cameras. Looking at their current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the camera they have right now is pegged at 108 MP. That is aside from the 48 MP and 12 MP camera it carries.

At that rate, there is no question that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers one of the best built-in cameras in the market. And such is the reason why the device costs a hefty $1,400 in the market. But it appears the tech company is far from done. Reports are now swirling that they are working on a new camera and that it will be 250 MP.

New reports claim that Samsung is working on a 250 MP sensor that could be up an inch in diagonal. That would be a bit bigger compared to what the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has to offer (1/1.33-inches). Considering that this is still under development, there is no telling when it may be introduced. By 2021 perhaps?

Further, what is certain is that Samsung has already wrapped up research and development for a 150 MP sensor. Per GSM Arena, that is expected to come out in devices that are set to be released by the second half of this year. Could that indicate the sensor being present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 which is set to come out towards the end of the year? As Phone Arena points out, it is high time that Samsung bumps up the cameras for its Galaxy Note line.

For now, it would be best to taper expectations. The good news is that Samsung has a couple of new built-in camera innovations but there is no telling which phone/s they will be on. But it also brings into question the matter of pricing. Does this mean that Samsung's next phone will get a big price bump?

With the world hindered by the COVID-19 virus, getting an expensive phone holds low chances. Hence, it may be best for Samsung to hold off any new device offering priced heftily. If not the next Samsung Galaxy Note then perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra successor would have better chances. By that time, most may have recovered - hopefully enough to consider buying a new (and expensive) device oozing with high-end features and power.

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