Samsung had just announced that it is done with redesigning the Galaxy Fold and will be releasing it this month. What improvements did the Korean tech giant make to ensure the device won’t break like it did months ago?

Korean tech giant Samsung is set to release the revamped Galaxy Fold this month, months after it was forced to take review units back due to major display problems. Before preordering the redesigned Galaxy Fold, however, it’s worth taking the time to see if it’s still worth the nearly $2,000 price tag.

Here’s a quick glance at the changes to the redesigned Galaxy Fold, as per TechRadar and CNet:

  • Screen protector is now unremovable

Samsung’s woes with the Galaxy Fold’s problematic display is partly blamed on a thin protective sheet that wasn’t supposed to be removed. This sheet, according to reviewers who didn’t bother to read the warnings, simply thought that it was meant to be removed just like any other plastic sheet overlaid on a newly-purchased smartphone. They were wrong: it was meant to protect the display.

The Korean tech giant redesigned the protective sheet so that users won’t be able to remove it. Users, in fact, won’t even be able to see where it ends because Samsung attached a rim that holds it down.

  • Hinge caps

T-shaped caps found at the edge of the hinges serve to protect the phone two ways: first, they prevent dust and dirt from entering the hinges, which needs to be kept clean to prevent bending problems day in and day out; and second, it will help prevent air and dirt from entering and affecting the display.

  • Sturdier screen

The previous Galaxy Fold only had one metal layer beneath the screen, causing it to suffer from the screen crease. The redesigned Galaxy Fold now has two metal layers beneath the display, the second of which is added to protect the device from damages caused by pressing hard on the screen, as well as to reduce the likelihood of the display getting a crease.

Sad news

While it’s good that Samsung worked hard at redesigning the Galaxy Fold, it’s not all good news for the device. The Korean tech giant reportedly plans to sell 5G-capable Galaxy Fold models by default to buyers in Korea, but it won’t be like that to other countries.

Samsung said it will release the 5G version to select countries at a much higher price compared to the 4G version. U.S. consumers won’t get the 5G version, and will be instead offered the 4G version only.