Samsung has reportedly finished redesigning its Galaxy Fold device, but so far the company doesn’t have a release date for the postponed foldable smartphone yet.

Bloomberg reported that Samsung has already finished redesigning its Galaxy Fold device after recalling all the review units it sent to various tech outlets due to various problems related to the display. The report, citing anonymous sources knowledgeable about the matter, said the Korean giant is “now in the final stages of producing a commercial version” of the device but doesn’t have a release date yet.

Previous recall

Previously, Samsung had to recall the Galaxy Fold devices it sent to several reviewers after the device showed problems that rendered the smartphone unusable even just after a day of use. Some of the reviewers said the Galaxy Fold’s display flickered. One of them said a bulge suddenly appeared from out of nowhere, and eventually caused the foldable smartphone to become unusable.

Samsung was forced to postpone the Galaxy Fold’s release as it looked for solutions to the problems people encountered while using the device. Some retailers even canceled preorders because Samsung was unable to give them a release date.


According to Bloomberg’s sources, Samsung redesigned the device so that it won’t have the same problems that it had before.

First, Samsung stretched the protective film layer so that it would cover the area beyond the bezels when folded or unfolded. This is to ensure that users won’t be able to remove the protective layer that was the cause of some of the issues some reviewers had. Second, Samsung redesigned the hinge so that it would push the center of the display forward so that it would become flush with the entire display.

The end result of this would be that the protective film will be stretched further, making the display feel more tense and a more natural part of the device. Further, the added tension will likely help prevent the crease that reviewers reported earlier from happening.

As of now, Samsung hasn’t given a release date for the Galaxy Fold. Fans also can’t expect the Korean tech giant to unveil the redesigned device during the Unpacked event scheduled on Aug. 7 as that event is meant for the Galaxy Note 10.

This story is developing. Stay tuned for more updates on the redesigned Galaxy Fold as well as the rumored second-gen Galaxy Fold devices Samsung is said to be working on.