If a new report is to be believed, Samsung Electronics could unveil the Galaxy Note 9 in July and release the flagship phablet in August. The earlier release date is said to be due to Samsung’s adjusted timeline, which is part of its preparations for the launch of its foldable smartphone early next year. 

Korea Herald learned from industry sources Wednesday that Samsung is gearing up for an earlier launch date for its second half flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 9. The mass production of the handset’s 6.38-inch OLED display already started last month, so it’s not surprising if the tech giant were to officially introduce it in July. 

Sources said that because of the earlier panel production, Samsung could release the Note 9 a month earlier than the Note 8. The latter was unveiled in August 2017 and was released in September. For the past two years, this has been the case for new Note installments. This 2018 however, Samsung is expected to introduce the Note 9 in July and release it in August. 

Samsung has not disclosed why it is targeting an earlier release date for the Galaxy Note 9. However, industry officials claim there are a couple of reasons for this. First and foremost is Samsung’s plan to debut its highly anticipated foldable phone. Since Samsung is known to launch its Galaxy S phones in March and its Note handsets in August, it wants its yearly schedule to accommodate the Galaxy X (rumored name of the foldable phone). 

Sources say Samsung is looking to launch the Note 9 in July and the Galaxy S10 in January, so it could direct all attention to the Galaxy X in February. If true, then it’s very likely for the South Korean giant to put the spotlight on its foldable phone during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which starts in late February. Meanwhile, this could also mean that the Galaxy S10 would be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.  

Another reason cited by sources is the low sales of the Galaxy S9 series. It can be noted that Apple’s iPhone X was named the most popular phone in the first quarter, while the Galaxy S9 did not make it to the top five list of most sold handsets in the January to March period. In an effort to improve its market performance, Samsung is said to be working hard to deliver the Galaxy Note 9 earlier than expected. 

Samsung has declined to comment on what resources disclosed. A company official simply said, “The internal atmosphere is not much different compared to last year for early launches. There are a lot of co-works underway with outside part suppliers to develop various prototypes. Their supply timing wouldn’t determine our schedules for new launches.”