Now that Samsung has already launched the Galaxy S9 and S9+ first-half flagships, many consumers are anticipating the debut of the second-half flagship device, which is the Galaxy Note 9. Because the Note series is quite popular among consumers, many people are already on the lookout for leaks and stories that have to do with the device.

Unfortunately, some people may have seen the anticipation of Samsung fans as an opportunity for them to pull pranks or just generate good online traffic for their website. The latter may be the reason why Persian website called published manipulated photos of the S9/S9+ and claim them to be leaked images of the Note 9.

At a quick glance, many would have been fooled that the site has gotten its hands on prototypes of the highly anticipated Android phablet. The site has also taken advantage of current rumors about the Note 9 possibly sporting an in-display fingerprint reader, because it alleged that the Note 9 handset it spotted did not have a fingerprint scanner on its back.

Before could trick more consumers though, Sammobile stepped in to expose the shady reportage it made. According to the trusted Samsung-focused news site it was able to prove that the Persian website’s photos were not genuine leaks but simply edited images made to appear like the real deal.

Sammobile did a reverse image search on Google and found that’s alleged Note 9 photos where manipulated pictures from various Galaxy S9 hands-on articles. Sammobile also noticed that a bit of Photoshop magic was used to make all the fake photos believable.

In addition, Sammobile pointed out that it’s too early for Samsung to have working prototypes at this point. So it definitely doesn’t make sense for to have stumbled upon functioning prototypes of the Note-branded phablet.

Android Headlines also analyzed the leaked images and noted how the Galaxy Note 9 in the photos appear to have a significantly wider earpiece than the Galaxy S9. It also noticed how the dual-LED flash module on the alleged leak looks circular instead of a squircle.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to make its debut in August, so genuine leaks of the device are likely to surface a month or two before it.