T-Mobile has begun offering the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G at a few stores in the U.S., and it will have a nationwide release on March 28. It's $150 on contract, and that means it's about $70 less than the Amaze 4G, but that doesn't make it a better deal. While both phones are marketed as 4G phones, they are not LTE-enabled like some phones on AT&T or Verizon. The Galaxy Blaze is a half-step down from the popular Galaxy S2, and apart from the fact it shares part of its name with the Samsung flagship, there's nothing else about it that jumps out. It has a nice 4-inch display and dual cameras, but it certainly lacks the style and substance of the Amaze 4G or the Galaxy S2.

Samsung and T-Mobile seem to be going just on price here. Some people will automatically not want to pay $200 for a smartphone, but don't want to make the sacrifice in features necessary when stepping down to an $100 phone. To be fair, the $230 HTC Amaze might be a bit overpriced too, but $150 seems too high for the Blaze 4G. It may simply be the reality of being the smallest major U.S. carrier that T-Mobile has to try and appeal to such niche buyers. Start the slideshow to see how the HTC Amaze compares to the Galaxy S Blaze. Let us know what you think of T-Mobile's lineup and if you think the Galaxy S Blaze will sell at all.