A Samsung executive may have revealed features about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.

There was a time when the idea of the Samsung flagship featuring a metal exterior seemed like a mere rumor that would never come to fruition. Now loose talk from a Samsung official indicates that a metal Samsung device could actually hit the market in the not-too-distant future.

Several reports have surfaced recently that confirm previous reports of the design change for the Galaxy S5. Most recently, Samsung’s Vice President and Head of Design Strategy Dong-hoon Chang may have let slip at a holiday party the launch date and design components for the Galaxy S5.

According to Korean media, Chang revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to be unveiled around the time of the World Mobile Congress in late February. Such news coming from someone in the know about Samsung’s plans could back up earlier reports that indicated a Galaxy S5 announcement at the WMC. Reports have also suggested that the Galaxy S5 would go into mass production in January for a market release in March or April. We have already discussed that the timeline of January production, a February unveiling and a March or April release actually does seem plausible.

Chang also reportedly said that Samsung has been considering a “new material” for the Galaxy S5. Exactly what that material consists of is not certain, but his remarks have fueled the fire for those hoping for a metal Galaxy S5. Some reports have indicated that the Galaxy S5 could appear in two varieties: metal and plastic. Others have suggested that Samsung has a new line in the works called the Samsung Galaxy F. The Galaxy F is expected to feature the premium metal look, which has long been missing from Samsung’s flagships. The Galaxy S5 is expected remain outfitted in plastic, and will continue to introduce new Samsung software to the market.

Korean publication ETNews claims that the latter report is true, and that Samsung will announce the plastic Galaxy S5 and the metal Galaxy F at the same time. According to ETNews, Samsung developed the metal chassis for an upcoming device in Europe then delivered the sample to the manufacturer’s production plant in Vietnam. This rehashes news from late August of last year, which reported the exact same claim. Since June of last year, there have been rumors of Samsung developing a new concept called “Design 3.0,” which would include the use of aluminum in an upcoming device. After that, several sources indicated that Samsung was shopping for and then later acqu ired metal producers for its new design endeavor.

There have long been rumors of Samsung introducing a flagship device with a metal design. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 were also rumored to feature metal exteriors, but ultimately were released in the same polycarbonate exterior for which Samsung is known. However, the Samsung Galaxy S5 appears to have yielded more proof of a metal design during its pre-release than any other Samsung flagship. Even so, there is no telling what Samsung has planned for its upcoming device(s) until it (or they) is officially unveiled. Luckily, WMC is fast approachig, so news about Samsung in 2014 is imminent.

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