There are several rumors circulating about color options for the Galaxy S8 smartphones, which will be announced in late March. While no details about the device have been confirmed, there are many conclusions to be considered on what the Galaxy S8 may look like, based on several rumors and previous devices. Here’s an idea of what consumers can expect.


A recent report indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S8 may come in a violet color option, in addition to black and silver. The rumors is based on a product listing for an European electronics retailer.

If accurate, violet would be a newer color options for Samsung flagships. The manufacturer did release a color option called Amethyst Purple for the Galaxy S3 and Purple Mirage for the Galaxy S4, both were Sprint exclusives.

However, more recent flagships have not had such color options. It is possible a violet Galaxy S8 would have a shiny or glossy finish to match the more premium look for for which Samsung is aiming.

Orchid Gray

A February report suggest the Galaxy S8 may come in an Orchid Gray color option, in addition to black and gold.

Gray hasn’t really been a color for most Samsung’s main flagships. Consumers have more likely seen gray in Samsung's more off brand flagship devices, such as the Galaxy S5 active and the Galaxy S7 active, which both came in Titanium Gray.   

If accurate, it is possible such a color option would have more of a matte finish, as to not confuse it with a silver color option.

Crimson Red

Another February rumors suggests the Galaxy S8 may come in a Crimson Red color option, in addition to black.

Samsung has offered red as a color option for many older flagships. Often the color option becomes available months after a device’s initial release and is a carrier exclusive. The Galaxy S4 came in Red Aurora, while the Galaxy S3 came in La Fleur Red and the Galaxy S5 Active came in Ruby Red.

If accurate, a glossy finish for a red Galaxy S8 would likely be appealing to customers.

Blue Coral

Blue Coral is a beautiful glossy light blue color option, which was introduced on the Galaxy Note 7 and later added to the Galaxy S7 Edge color roster. While not confirmed for the Galaxy S8, reports indicate the color option was popular on the Galaxy Note 7, during its short time on the market. It’s availability quickly became delayed as consumers pre-ordered the Blue Coral model in droves. The probability of Samsung using Blue Coral or a similar option for the Galaxy S8 is is likely high.


Pink is a popular color option for Samsung devices, but it is often not seen on U.S. flagship models. Some options include the Galaxy S4 in Pink Twilight, the Galaxy S4 Mini in Pink, the Galaxy Note 3 in Blush Pink and the Galaxy Note 4 in Blossom Pink.

Samsung also released the Galaxy note 5 in Pink Gold, to compete against Apple’s Rose Gold iPhone 6s. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are also available in Pink Gold. There is a good chance such a color option could also be seen on future Samsung phones.  

Silver Titanium

Silver Titanium has been a Samsung staple ever since the Galaxy Note 5. The color option has also been seen on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 devices and the Galaxy Note 7. Several rumors already suggest the Galaxy S8 will be available in silver.


Gold is also a well known color for Samsung smartphones, starting with the Gold Copper Galaxy S5. As Samsung upgrades its smartphone design, the color morphed into Gold Platinum, which has a more glossy finish, and can be found on the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7. The color option was also available on the Galaxy Note 7, but on in the U.S. Rumors also already suggest a gold Galaxy S8.


Black is a long standing color option for Samsung smartphones. Most recently, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 went by the name Black Onyx, which was a matte black option. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 were called Black Sapphire, which had a dark blue tint.  

Samsung also released a Black Pearl Galaxy S7 model to compete with Apple’s glossy Jet Black color option.

Rumors suggest a black Galaxy S8 will release but to remains to be seen if it will have a matte or glossy finish, or if both models will be available.


Once a staple Samsung color, white is still available but has become less popular, particularly in the U.S. There was no white Galaxy Note 7 but the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge released in White Pearl. The option was originally an international exclusive, but eventually came to the U.S. The Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 were also available in White Pearl. While there have been few rumors about a white Galaxy S8, it could be possible with limited availability.

Other Colors

Some other colors seen on Samsung flagship smartphones include Blue Arctic and Brown Autumn on the Galaxy S4, Electric Blue on the Galaxy S5 and Blue Topaz and Emerald Green on the Galaxy S6. These options are unlikely for the Galaxy S8 (though the Emerald Green would probably be a good idea).