Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics will reportedly start testing the prototype for its dual-screen smartphone soon. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been on the market for only three days and there are already murmurs about what kind of components Samsung’s 2018 flagship may contain. The manufacturer is reportedly already in talks with Qualcomm to develop the Snapdragon 845 premium chip, which could power devices such as the Galaxy S9 according to The Investor .

While the device and report are far from confirmed, there is a good chance the recent reports are true. Samsung and Qualcomm collaborated on the Snapdragon 835, which currently powers the Galaxy S8. The chip stands out on the market at the first to feature 10-nanometer processor, which provides greater speeds and power efficiency over older Snapdragon chips. Samsung and Qualcomm announced the chip in November 2016 and officially released the component in January 2017.

Early April reports have also indicated Samsung is in the beginning stages of development for Galaxy S9 components including its display and fingerprint scanner. At this time not much else is known about the smartphone.

Samsung is rumored to release at least two more prominent devices during 2017, the Galaxy Note 8 phablet, and the Galaxy X, which may feature a foldable display. Currently, rumors are increasing for the Galaxy Note 8, suggesting the device may also feature the Snapdragon 835 chip. Certain markets may feature the Exynos 8895 chip.

The Galaxy X may also feature the Snapdragon 835 to help power its foldable display; however, it may have some other lower-end specs, such as the older Android Marshmallow operating system.

Currently, no release timeframes have been suggested for the Snapdragon 845. The Galaxy S9 may have similar late March and late April release date as the Galaxy S8.