Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Samsung

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus does not have a 10-inch screen like the Eee Pad Transformer, but it costs nearly the same amount. That either means the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is overpriced or the Eee Pad Transformer is another Android slab without any features that might separate it from the slew of tablets out there already, right?

Maybe, but Samsung brought the first Android tablet into the world with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, so they may be banking on the fact that many people might see them as the only real alternative to the iPad. That is not the case because the Eee Pad Transformer is a solid if unremarkable tablet. It's main selling point is that it can be paired with a docking keyboard and trackpad to create a pseudo laptop. It's sold separately, however, so this comparison will just take into account the tablet itself. So the Eee Pad is bigger than the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. has a better camera on the back and better screen resolution. Although you probably won't be taking many pictures with a tablet, the resolution actually matters. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus offers 1024x600 resolution compared to Eee Pad's 1280x800. It's not a huge difference and the differing screen sizes should be considered. Besides that, they both take advantage of the dual core processor build for faster speeds and come in 16 or 32 gigabyte storage versions.

Furthermore, they both run the Android 3.2 operating system, so they are quite similar in many ways. The final differences are minor and will depend on your preferences. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus has a microSD slot for expanded memory that Eee Pad does not. You can get one with the keyboard dock, but not the tablet itself. Instead, Eee Pad Transformer has a micro-USB port where Galaxy Tab does not. They are different features, of course, so you'll have to decide which you need and which you can live without. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus also features the Samsung TouchWiz overlay, so it's not the pure Android experience some may prefer. Finally, the Galaxy Tab comes in a 3G version if you travel or need it for work. And the Eee Pad is made entirely of plastic that may give users a less confident feeling when holding it. Eee Pad Transformer gets the recommend here, but it's close. If you like the seven inch form factor or one of the other above features, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is a great option. Tell us in the comments if you are still deciding between tablets.