Samsung Gear Fit2
The Samsung Gear Fit2 is getting new features with its latest software update. Samsung Newsroom

Good news Samsung Gear Fit2 owners, the South Korea giant is updating the software of the fitness band this week. Samsung has reportedly released an update to users of its wearable, and it comes with a couple of new features that improve the device's tracking experience.

On Thursday, Samsung announced on its Newsroom that its Gear Fit2 GPS sports band is getting a software update. Samsung mentioned that this update is going to bring “new levels of precision and convenience” to owners of the wearable.

The first new feature that’s been added to the Gear Fit2’s software is Auto Pause. This feature works by pausing the fitness-tracking functions of the device once the wearer has stopped his or her cardiovascular activity. For example, when a wearer stops running or cycling because of a traffic light, the tracking functionality of the wearable temporarily stops without the need of touching the device. The tracking functionality would only resume once the wearer is back to his or her activity. Thus, the feature contributes to the Gear Fit2’s accuracy in activity tracking.

The second feature is called Automated Dynamic Workout Tracking. This feature basically expands the scope of exercises or activities the fitness band can recognize. Previously, Samsung’s Gear Fit2 only recognized repetitive exercises like running, walking, elliptical and rowing sessions. With the update, activities such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, soccer and dancing are now recognized by the tracker. Doing at least 10 minutes of these activities would register on the device as a “Dynamic Workout.”

The last enhancement that the new software brings is called Streamlined Sets for Indoor Activities. GSM Arena explains that what this enhancement does is allow users to program the fitness band to track repetitive gestures, such as crunches, lunges, squats and many more. The device can now easily count the reps made by the wearer and show users appropriate break intervals. This is to ensure that users get to have adequate rests in-between the sets of indoor activities.

The software update is being rolled out internationally. Users can check via their smartphone’s Quick Panel if the update is already available in their region. Upon receiving the FOTA (firmware over-the-air) notification, they can then download and install the update to their fitness band via the Samsung Gear app.