Samsung has been rolling out accessories for its S-series flagships since the Galaxy S3 and the upcoming Galaxy S8 is expected to continue the tradition.

SamMobile reported that there might be two new accessories rolling out with the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017, besides the range of accessories that accompany the current flagship such as a protective cover and LED view cover case. The company could release a premium cover made of Alcantara leather and a multimedia dock with enhanced connectivity.

While no additional information has surfaced about these two accessories, Samsung's current lineup of accessories includes:

Clear View Cover — Samsung offers a $59.99 Clear View cover to S7 customers. It is a translucent cover that displays time, date, battery status, incoming calls, texts, alarms, and notifications. You can also pick up calls and send out texts from the cover itself.

LED View Cover — The current flagship provides an optional $69.99 LED View cover for customers. It comes with LED embossed inside soft leather and protects the device against scratches and dust.

S-View Flip Case — The $59.99 case works and feels like a regular cover, except you can access some of the phone’s functioning using this cover.

Keyboard Cover — This cover, which also costs $59.99, transforms the Galaxy S7 into a Blackberry-like phone.

An interesting accessory, which is expected to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S8, is Gear 360 Pro which will succeed the Gear 360. It is expected to come with improved image and video quality. A 2600 mAh battery dock might also be one of the accessories on offer.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to launch at MWC 2017 in February or even earlier. The next iteration of Samsung S-series flagship devices is widely rumored to have many new features including a 4K display, a 10nm processor, a new camera and an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant