Samsung is not letting go of some of the key features and advanced technologies its doomed Galaxy Note 7 debuted with. Just days after seeding the Always On Display feature of the scrapped phablet to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets, Apple’s biggest rival is now said to be incorporating the advanced iris-scanning technology of the discontinued smartphone into its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8.

This new confidential information comes from one of Samsung’s suppliers. According to Forbes, the supplier leaked to the Korea Herald that Samsung is going to include iris recognition into the key features of the S8 that will launch early next year.

The Galaxy Note 7 debuted to good reviews because of its innovative features. One of which was its iris scanner that served as another security feature of the phablet. It did not only enhance the identity verification process, it also enabled users to do mobile banking with just a glance.

Unfortunately, despite being a game changer in the smartphone industry, the iris scanner’s spotlight was switched off when the Note 7 was scrapped. Given this newly leaked information, however, the futuristic feature will surely give the S8 a unique selling point just like what it did to the briefly successful Note 7.

The news about the leaked info from a supplier comes after Samsung reportedly sent emails to its employees to ask them to keep quiet about the operations it is doing for the upcoming S8. The South Korea giant also told its suppliers to stay mum and not mention anything about the S7 successor.

However, it seems Samsung will have a hard time convincing everyone not to leak details about its sole flagship device for next year. As per Android Authority, an official has already leaked that the S8 could debut with a dual-lens camera. Previous rumors also divulged that the S8 will get rid of the physical home button and will come with an edge-to-edge display.