Sarah Jessica Parker, heroine of "Sex and the City" (R), poses with her new co-star Sara Ramirez
Sarah Jessica Parker, heroine of "Sex and the City" (R), poses with her new co-star Sara Ramirez GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / Dimitrios Kambouris


  • Cynthia Nixon talked about Sarah Jessica Parker and "And Just Like That" Season 2 at PaleyFest NY
  • Nixon said she and her co-stars have already read the script for the first two episodes
  • The "Sex and the City" alum also discussed her other HBO series, "The Gilded Age"

Cynthia Nixon has shared an update on her "Sex and the City" co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, who lost a beloved family member two weeks ago.

Nixon, 56, said that the death of Parker's stepfather, Paul Giffin Forste, late last month has been "tough" on her co-star and her family.

"I think it's really, really tough, you know?" Nixon told Page Six at PaleyFest NY while promoting her HBO series, "The Gilded Age." "It's not just tough for her own loss but certainly for her mom [Barbara Forste]."

On Sept. 28, Parker pulled out of New York City Ballet's 10th Annual Fall Fashion Gala at the last minute due to a "sudden, devastating family situation." She was being honored at the gala but didn't arrive at the David H. Koch Theater at New York City's Lincoln Center, where the event was held.

The following day, the "Hocus Pocus" star's family announced that Paul had passed away at the age of 76.

"In his last moments, he was surrounded with the love and gratitude of his adored wife Barbara of 54 years, and children, including Sarah Jessica Parker," the family said in a statement obtained by Page Six.

They continued, "Paul will be remembered with the spirit of loving kindness which was his faith, his special delight in his 13 grandchildren, and his sustained belief in making the world a more charitable, tolerant, and beautiful place for all."

On a lighter note, Nixon also spoke with Page Six about filming "And Just Like That..." Season 2, which is expected to include an exciting storyline for her character Miranda Hobbes' Season 1 love interest Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez.

According to Nixon, the entire cast is looking forward to it, and she's been communicating with Parker and Kristin Davis about the sequel.

"It's very, very, very exciting," Nixon teased. "Sarah Jessica, Kristin and I have been texting each other a lot. We did a read-through of the first two episodes a couple of weeks ago and that was amazing and exciting, as it was the first time we were reading it."

While at PaleyFest NY, Nixon also talked about her other HBO series, "The Gilded Age," which takes place in the late 19th century.

Nixon admitted that while wearing high heels in "And Just Like That..." can be challenging, it is "nothing" compared to her costumes in the historical drama, where she wears corsets, layers of petticoats and gloves.

"I have to say, the corsets are really challenging, but if I was really living in the Gilded Age, having to have, you know, leather gloves on all the time, it would be my downfall," she jokingly added.

"The Gilded Age" Season 2 will premiere in 2023, but a specific date has yet to be released.

The cast of "Sex and the City"
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon attend the premiere of "Sex And The City 2" at Odeon, Leicester Square . (Photo by Rune Hellestad/Corbis via Getty Images) Rune Hellestad/Corbis via Getty Images