Sea of Thieves
Rare is working on a new patch for “Sea of Thieves.” Sea of Thieves website

Rare is well aware of the different issues its new Xbox One-exclusive “Sea of Thieves” has, and it is not wasting time in giving fans what they are asking for. To address the performance issues, especially the ones plaguing the Xbox One X, the developer is rolling out a patch next week.

On Thursday, executive producer Joe Neate issued a statement announcing what Rare is planning to do to solve the problems that many users encountered at launch. He recognized the performance issues that Xbox One X users complained about and revealed that they are currently working on a new patch that is set for release early next week.

Players who are accessing “Sea of Thieves” using the Xbox One X have reported online some issues they experienced in the game. For example, there are complaints about the screen getting jerky or rubber banding when looking around, causing users’ eyes to hurt while playing. There are also reports about FPS drops in random areas. Users can expect all of these issues to be addressed when the new patch comes out.

Neate also pointed out in his post that they have noticed how players are having difficulty getting into the game at certain times. These times were identified to be 9 a.m.—2p.m. GMT/5 p.m.–10 p.m. EDT/ 2 p.m.–7 p.m. PDT — the peak times when very large number of players access the game.

“Ongoing work to improve. On Wednesday night we again reached a higher CCU than we have seen so far, thanks to some improvements made in our services. Work continues to prepare for peak time Thursday, and then through to Friday and the weekend when we expect the highest player numbers yet,” Neate said.

The executive producer then continued by saying that they are expecting more players to join the game in addition to the one million unique players who have set sail in the action-adventure game thus far. Neate promised that they will do their best to maintain the experience for everyone; however, they might temporarily halt accepting new players to ensure the quality of the game.

“There might be cases where we need to temporarily halt incoming players to maintain the quality of the experience for people already in and playing. If we need to do this, we will message out on our social channels. We ask that everyone bears with us whilst we work with the extremely high player numbers we are seeing,” Neate said.

In relation to the large number of players accessing “Sea of Thieves,” Rare has also decided to delay in-game rewards. Neate said services that reward players with gold and reputation will be delayed. Players should expect them to work in the near future though. Perhaps when the new game patch arrives.

“Sea of Thieves” is an open world pirate adventure game wherein players join crews of up to four sailors and navigate the seas for a life of plundering and pillaging. It is an Xbox One-exclusive game, but its digital copy has Play Anywhere support. This means players can access it on both Xbox One and PC, according to GameSpot.