• Drak Brethren is the fourth Tall Tale in the "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life"
  • To unlock the quest, players need to complete all three previous Tall Tales
  • "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life" update is now live

Dark Brethren is the fourth Tall Tale in the recently released "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life" update and the prelude to the ultimate showdown against Davy Jones in the Lords of the Sea. For players looking for some tips and tricks on how to complete Dark Brethren smoothly, this guide may come in handy.

Before players can unlock the Dark Brethren Tall Tale of the "Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life" update, they must complete all three Tall Tales. After that, players should go to any Outpost and into the Castaway's camp. In there, they will find their contract, they can vote, and will be able to start the quest.

There will be a brief cutscene where players will learn that Davy Jones is mad against Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sea Queen is no longer with them, and that she is in fact, Calypso. After the cutscene, players will have Jack Sparrow on their team. "Sea of Thieves" players should then start their task, which is to go to the Coral Fortress.

Sea of Thieves
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In the ship's basement, players can find the map, which contains the coordinates of the Coral Fortress. The place is located above J1 and I1 in the extreme North of the map. When the sea starts getting rough and it begins to rain hard, those are the signs that players are getting near the Coral Fortress. Players should sail to the South side of the fortress where they will find a huge entrance with a blue coral.

Players should go through the small cave entrance where they will find a door that resembles a heart. The door will be opened if players wait for Jack Sparrow to do his magic. On the Coral Fortress adventure, players should stand on the geyser to get pushed up to a ledge. They should also follow the path into a wooden beam and use the pulley to cross. After that, they must follow Jack down and slide to get in the Chamber of Sorrow.

In the Chamber of Sorrow, "Sea of Thieves" players will find the enormous galleon called the Flying Dutchman. They must board the ship via the front and proceed to the hull to find the map table. To boot up the galleon, players should interact with the table. Players will unlock the organ mini-game if they head into the Organ Room where they will find Jack holding a Music Sheet.

The right order to play the organ is one, two three, four, eight then press the flat key between five and six, and then press five again. Getting the organ mini-game right will light up all the candles. Players should load up with weapons and grenades and prepare for a gigantic battle ahead.

Doing the mini-game correctly will cause enemies to board the Flying Dutchman. Defeating them will reward players with the Symphony of Sorrow commendation. Once the fifth statue glows, the stone door behind the galleon will open. Players will again find themselves in the water where they will need to swim to the surface and solve the mermaid puzzle along the way.

Jack will open a secret passage behind the waterfall. Players should follow him and listen to what he is saying. Once he is done talking, Captain Jack will give players the gems to complete the mermaid puzzle. To solve this puzzle, players need to look at the positions of the mermaids on the drawings and hit the statues until they match.

Solving the puzzle will remove the blockade in the waterfall and will allow players to proceed. To be able to reach the next section, players need to lift the ship's hull. From there, players need to solve another mermaid puzzle and proceed to a room full of enemies. All of these enemies should be eliminated to move forward.

After the corridor, players will find a spot where there are several geysers. They use these to get to the top. In there, "Sea of Thieves" players need to cut the rope to open the door. They will have to solve the third mermaid puzzle where upon completion will enable the water to rise and bring players to the top.

There are pulleys, which players should use to pull up a couple of beams to make a walkway. Players should climb the walkway and slide into the waterslide. The final chamber before the big finale features a lot of puzzles but the majority of these puzzles can be easily completed in one run.

The next room is where Davy Jones and his friends are having a meeting. There will be a lot of dialogues. Once the dialogue is over, the battle begins and players just need to help Captain Jack Sparrow to eliminate and survive the battle.