• Preview videos of "SEAL Team" Season 3, episode 20 have been released
  • Bravo Team will go on a mission without Jason
  • Sonny will be back with the team

Bravo Team will head out for a mission without Jason (David Boreanaz) in “SEAL Team” Season 3, episode 20. A preview video shows the team heading into an ambush and Sonny (A.J. Buckley) will be there with his team to fight the terrorists.

According to the official plot synopsis of the next episode, Jason will take Mandy (Jessica Paré) on a condolence visit to see the family members of a dead informant. While this will be a short mission, his absence will mean that Bravo Team will have to head out for a time-sensitive mission without him.

Bravo Team will look for information about the location of a terrorist leader who they have been chasing. Before they head out, Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) will tell them that the terrorist leader they have been hunting is related to a target who has a connection to Jason’s past.

A preview video of the next episode shows the soldiers heading into a tunnel to look for the information while Jason will be in civilian clothes, monitoring the situation from the office. The mission will be dangerous with trip wires and bombs that Sonny will help remove.

A sneakpeek scene of “SEAL Team” Season 3, episode 20 that has been released online shows Jason escorting Mandy. He will take her to a heavily guarded location and he will not be allowed to go inside the room where Mandy is supposed to go to meet the family members of the fallen informant. Jason can only stand at the door and hope to hear everything from inside the room by asking Mandy to stay close to the door.

Jason will go out for just two hours, but during this time, his team will be sent on a time sensitive mission. In a sneakpeek scene, Jason enters the office. He will not be happy about him being left in the office while the team faces danger in what appears to be an ambush.

“SEAL Team” Season 3, episode 20 is titled “No Choice in Duty.” It will be released on May 6 at 10 p.m. EDT on the CBS Television Network.

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