• Ryoshi deleted all of tweets and blogs
  • Shiba Inu team has no explanation 
  • SHIB down 3.44% at $0.00001181

Shiba Inu's pseudonymous creator Ryoshi has mysteriously vanished, leaving no trace of his existence but the dog-themed altcoin he created. Another pseudonymous lead developer of SHIB, Shytoshi Kusama, wrote in a blog post that "the master disappears" when "the student learned all there is to teach."

The vanishing act conjured up memories of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin who disappeared 11 years ago after a last post in BitcoinTalk Forum on December 13, 2010. Even the emails stopped eventually and the cryptocurrency community accepted that the mysterious creator of Bitcoin had already disappeared from the online world.

Like Nakamoto, Shiba Inu's creator, surprised the Shiba Army on Monday when they deleted all of their tweets and Medium blogs, with the platform now displaying an error stating that the "user deactivated or deleted their account." Many SHIB holders were baffled by this recent development, with some claiming the move indicates the birth of a new era for Shiba Inu.

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Like Nakamoto, Ryoshi is gone without leaving any explanation. Rather than speculate, Kusama made a blog entry on Medium to honor the creator.

Titled "TO RYOSHI: A Special Shib Memorial Day," Kusama quoted the Zen proverb, "when the student is ready, the master appears. when the student has learned all there is to teach, the master disappears," seemingly suggesting that Ryoshi has done everything there is for Shiba Inu to learn, that he trusts the team to do better for the cryptocurrency they have created.

"Though I don’t know his identity, his legacy lives on in the Shib token, Shib Ecosystem and all the projects we foresee to decentralize the world," Kusama said. For the lead developer, Ryoshi's move is the "you’ve learned all I can show you" moment and they added that "it is befitting that as we grow nearer to a completed Ryoshi’s Vision and realizing global decentralization, he would leave it up to us, The Shib Army."

SHIB was trading down 3.44% at $0.00001181 with a 24-hour volume of $621,009,671 as of3:35 a.m. ET on Tuesday, based on data from CoinMarketCap.